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Does it look hot to you when a woman lights up a cigarette, puts it in her mouth, inhales the smoke, holds it for a second and finally puts it out? It's a seductive mental image, from top to bottom.

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  • The show can be very exciting: a woman lights a cigarette, puts it in her mouth, inhales the smoke, blows it out slowly, licks the end of the lit cigarette with her tongue, then inhales and exhales the smoke again.
  • Girls who smoke ooze sex appeal. gives you the opportunity to meet hundreds of amateur models who smoke and have their cigarettes and cigars on hand for a sexy live webcam chat.
  • Nowadays everybody knows that smoking is bad for your health. We learn from a young age all the consequences smoking can have.
  • The message "smoking kills" is reinforced throughout our adult life. Smoking is a taboo, a forbidden fruit, and certainly not something nice girls should do. That said, many men find women who light up attractive; some men enjoy it to the point of fetishism. 

Why can something so bad be so good?

  1. Think of Hollywood movies. From black-and-white films to femme fatales, from successful seductresses to bad girls, sexy women on the big screen often appear with a cigarette in their mouths.
  2. Smoking gives film characters an edge, an extra dimension, and exudes sensuality. If you watch a girl smoking, you often see a woman who knows how to have fun.
  3. The way she inhales the smoke, closes her eyes and exhales happily can make you want to give her the same satisfaction.
  4. Smokers know how to savour the moment and make no apologies for their pleasure. A girl with a cigarette is a rule breaker, an adventurer, a woman who doesn't let taboos dictate her decisions, a bad girl.

Bad girls are inherently sexy?

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  1. It has something to do with girls who smoke. This can be an exciting spectacle: A lady lights a cigarette, puts it in her mouth, breathes in the smoke, blows it out slowly, licks the end of the burning cigarette with her tongue and then breathes in and out again and again.
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  3. Nowadays, everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health. We learn about the effects of cigarettes very early on. The message of "smoking kills" is reinforced throughout adult life. Smoking is just a taboo, forbidden fruits, and it is definitely something good girls should avoid. Nevertheless, many men find women who smoke very attractive - some men like them so much that they become a fetish.
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