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Stan had noticed Gina at a restaurant where he was attending a businessdinner with some colleagues and was intrigued by her stunningappearance. She was a petite, Italian beauty with lovely long red hair.Her eyes sparkled as she joked with her companions, unaware that she wasbeing observed by the tall, dark and handsome stranger. Stan estimatedshe was probably in her mid-twenties, and she seemed to be unattachedaccording to the people she was dining with, w ho were entirely of thefemale gender. His mind wandered between his business discussion and the lovely smileradiating from the table across the room.  As the meeting drew to aclose, he anxiously gathered his portfolio and arose from the table,pleased to see that Gina and her friends hadn't departed yet.  As heapproached the table, she turned toward him, smiling.  His heart melted. He had to talk to her.

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"Hello.  Excuse me, but I couldn't help noticing you from across theroom, and I wanted to ask you something. " He started. "Yes, what is it?" She replied. "I wanted to know if it hurt. " He said. "Did what hurt?" She asked. "When you fell from heaven. " He teased, winking and grinning. "Well, that's a new line!" She replied, startled yet amused. "I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.  May I join you for a moment?" He asked. "We're just preparing to leave. " She replied. "May I walk you to your car?" He asked hopefully. "Don't you think you should introduce yourself first? I don't usuallyjust walk out of restaurants with strange men and leave my friendswondering if I've lost my mind or not. " She said. "Oh, I'm sorry. . My name is Stan, and you are?" He stated. "I'm Gina.   Nice to meet you, Stan. " She replied. As she arose from the table, Stan helped her put on her coat and shetook his arm as the left the restaurant to walk to the car.

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They walkedquietly for a few minutes and as they approached her car, Gina turned toStan. "I have a confession, Stan.  It wasn't an accident that I was in therestaurant this evening.  I've had my eye on you for several weeks sinceI visited your photography studio with my aunt. " She confessed. "You have!" He replied, startled.  "I had a feeling I had seen yousomeplace before but I couldn't put my finger on it. ""Yes, I went with her to look at some proofs of some pictures she haddone for the family.  I saw your picture on your business card and I wasintrigued.  You were so handsome.  I wanted to meet you and find out moreabout you.  I've been talking to some of the people who work around yourstudio and they told me you usually go to the restaurant we just left onFriday evenings so I took a chance that you might be there.  I wasthrilled when you came in, but I tried to avoid letting you know I waswatching you.  ""This is great! I think you are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I'd really love to get to know you better.  What do you say we pick up abottle of wine and go to my place for a little while to get betteracquainted?" He suggested. "Sounds wonderful!" She replied.  "I'll follow you in my car. ""Okay. " He answered.

Gina followed Stan to the market to get the wine and they went into thestore together to select it.  Afterward, Gina followed him to his homeand pulled up behind his car.  He had already gotten out of his car andwalked back to open the door for her.  As she swung her legs out of thecar, he got a great peek at her beautiful legs.  She was wearing a kneelength, tight black skirt and a mint green silk blouse with pearlbuttons.  Stan noticed for the first time that she didn't seem to bewearing any stocking s.  Her shoe fell off as she climbed out of the carand Stan bent over to pick it up and slip it back onto her foot.  Theygiggled and proceeded toward the door of his home, hand in hand. Stan entered his home and directed Gina to the living room.  He excusedhimself and went into the kitchen to get two glasses for the wine.  Whenhe returned, Gina had kicked off her shoes and was reclining on thecouch with her feet on the ottoman.  Stan handed her the glass of wineand joined her, placing his arm around her and caressing her shoulderthrough the softness of the blouse.  He noticed she had unbuttoned acouple of the pearl buttons and could get a glimpse of her lovelycleavage.  She had beauti ful melon-shaped breasts.  He couldn't wait toget his mouth on them. He leaned over and kissed her lightly on the neck.  She was enjoying themoment, her eyes closed as he nibbled on her earlobe.  Not wanting torush her, he stopped for a moment and took a drink of his wine. "The hell with this!" Gina exclaimed, setting her glass down on the endtable.  "I want to make love with you, Stan.  I've wanted you ever since Ifirst saw you. " She confessed. "Come with me. " Stan gently ordered, taking her hand and leading herinto the bedroom.

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 Mirrors surrounded the huge bed on 3 sides as well asa mirror on the ceiling. "This is fantastic!" Gina squealed in delight. "I'm glad you like it. " Stan took Gina into his arms and kissed herdeeply and passionately, gliding his hands over her breasts and down toher skirt, which he raised to her waist.  He slipped her panties off inone swift move and caressed her ass tenderly, squeezing and kneading theflesh. Gina pressed herself against Stan as he kissed her, reaching betweenthem to stroke his hardness.  She gasped when she felt the size of hiserection.  He was enormous! She'd never had a lover so well hung.  Sheunzipped his trousers and pulled out his erect wand, running her handover the tip of it to feel the silkiness and the drop of precum oozingfrom it. "I don't know if I can handle this. " She said quietly. "Yes you can, I'll be gentle, darling.  Don't worry. " Stan reassured.  Hepulled her close to him once more and kissed her again.  The softness oftheir lips like rose petals.  Their tongues probed each other's mouths,seeming to be searching for something not ready to be found.  Gina wantedhim inside her.  She ached for him. Stan fumbled with the buttons of Gina's blouse, almost ripping them offone by one.  He was delighted to see that she wasn't wearing a bra.  Heslipped his hand inside squeezing her breasts and pinching the nippleslightly, causing her to gasp in delight.  She slid her arms out of theblouse, freeing her breasts to Stan's complete attention.  He took theminto his mouth one at a time nibbling and sucking them tenderly.  Shecould feel the ecstasy through her body warming her inside andmoistening her love cleft between her thighs. She reached behind and unzipped her skirt, pushed it off her hips andlet it drop to the floor.

 She was completely naked now, as Stan's eyeswidened at her beauty.  He stood up and unbuttoned his shirt, slipped itoff his arms and let it drop on the floor, then Gina unfastened hisbelt, and then unbuttoned his trousers, letting them drop to the floor. Stan was wearing bikini underwear and though his erection was freed, his"jewels" were not, so Gina knelt and pulled his underwear down Stan'slegs, lett ing him hold onto her as he stepped out of them one leg at atime. Gina raised her head and looked directly at Stan's erection, the eyeseeping precum that begged to be licked from the tip.  She flicked hertongue over it, causing Stan to moan in delight.  As she examined it, shethought that if she could fit it into her mouth, perhaps there would beno problem fitting it elsewhere, so she opened her mouth and took it inher hand and pressed her lips around the head.  Stan couldn't believe hiseyes! He was in heaven! He took her head into his hands and ran hisfingers thro ugh her auburn hair.  She was so lovely! Gina managed to getthe head of Stan's erection into her mouth.  She sucked hungrily,flicking her tongue over it as she squeezed the staff gently.  Stan wasin ecstasy but he wanted to please Gina, so he pulled away from her,signaling that he wanted her to stop, then he raised her up to kiss himdeeply so that he could taste himself on her lips.

Frenzied with desire, Stan gently pushed Gina back onto the bed.  Heapproached her slowly, gazing at her from head to toe.  He wanted totaste her.  He lowered himself and eased up from the bottom of the beduntil his mouth was at her mons, the auburn hair glistening with lovedew.  He lowered his tongue to flick at her clitoris.  She gasped! Heflicked at it again, pushing her legs up so that he was lying with hisface on top of her cleft.

He flicked, sucked, licked as Gina writhed in ecstasy, jerking andmoaning as he proceeded to drive her crazy with desire.  When she wasabout to reach her climax, he raised himself and dove into her, easily,her love juices having already lubricated the point of entry.  Shereached for his ass and grabbed onto it, digging her long fingernailsinto it as he flexed his muscles, pounding deeper and faster inside her,deeper, faster, pumping up and down, up and down, until the reachedtheir climax together. Stan collapsed on top of Gina, then rolled aside, holding her closely asthe drifted off to sleep.